Kamekona sm Kamekona 14 episodes An ex-criminal informant who frequently aids Five-0.
Max sm Max Bergman 5 episodes A highly skilled Medical Examiner.
Wofat sm Wo Fat (2010) 5 episodes The principle antagonist of Hawaii Five-0, well know criminal mastermind.
Sangmin sm Sang Min 4 episodes A local gang leader of the Snakeheads, specializes in human trafficking.
File:Govjameson sm.jpg Governor Jameson 3 episodes The now deceased corrupt Governor of Hawaii, executed by Wo Fat.
Joewhite sm Joe White 2 episodes A Lieutenant Colonel who trained Steve and was a close friend of John McGarrett.
Victor2 sm Victor Hesse 3 episodes An Irish Terrorist who dealt with the Five-0 task force multiple times.
Victor2 sm John McGarrett 2 episodes Steve McGarrett's father who was killed by Victor Hesse due to an case he was investigating.