Ohana is the 2nd produced hour of Hawaii Five-0. It was broadcast on CBS on September 27, 2010. The episode focuses around an NSA Cyber-terrorism expert who was kidnapped in Waikiki in the middle of the day, Five-0 must work together to find and rescue him and prevent a threat against national security.

Ohana lg
Running Time
Production Code
Written By
Sarah Goldfinger, Paul Zbyszewski
Directed By
Brad Turner
Viewer Count
12.72 (millions)


Roland Lowry, an NSA cyber-terrorism expert was kidnapped in the middle of the day in Waikiki. The only witness is his son, who witnessed the event over the phone on video. Five-0 later investigate the scene and manifest evidence.

Steve and Danny investigate Roland's house, Kono stays with Evan who is staying with Evan's girlfriend, Natalie. Meanwhile, Chin Ho watches a traffic cam and witnesses a wounded man heading for a hotel to try and escape. Steve, Danny and Chin Ho track down the man to the hotel and find him laying unconscious. Danny wakes up with up a hose and questions him, however the suspect is silent. Steve becomes enraged and forcibly gets a fingerprint from the suspect by dousing his own finger in his own bleeding wound. Steve then proceeds by hanging off of the hotel room by his legs. Chin Ho finds a match for the print in an Interpol database, the print belongs to a Sergei Evanovitch.

Steve and Danny go to Roland Lowry's house and find that he takes his personal security very seriously, it is equipped with a dozen security cameras, double deadbolts, separate entrances. Steve and Danny find a hidden room in the wall and it full of computer equipment, they later find out the computer shows the power grid all along O'ahu, and the Honolulu International Airport radar array.

To make sense of the high grade cryptography, Danny seeks out a recently convicted computer hacker, Adam Charles, he agrees to help them and they bring him back to Roland Lowry's home. Adam finds that Roland was working on a skeleton key, that he was using to hack the island infrastructure. Adam points out that the computers are just archives, and that the actual key is not on those drafts, the real skeleton key is missing.

Steve and Danny return to Five-0 headquarters, Chin Ho points out that Sergei came in from Serbia with a Dragzhov. And it turns out, Roland's girlfriend, Natalie is working with the kidnappers. Meanwhile, Kono, who is with Evan and Natalie engages in conbat with Natalie. Kono then becomes hostage to Natalie and Dragzhov along with Evan. Natalie aka Nadia Lucovich.


  • As Steve turns on the computers at Roland Lowry's home, Danny comments and says that Steve put a "blip in the Matrix."

Production NotesEdit

  • Although this is the second aired episode of Hawaii Five-0, the production code is 103, making it seem that it was originally supposed to be aired after Malama Ka Aina.