Running Time
Production Code
Written By
Sarah Goldfinger
Directed By
Elodie Keene
Viewer Count
12.34 (millions)


The episode opened up following an armored truck of the Aeko Kula fleet making rounds. Three men, who are veteran guards and one who's on his first day on the job, Jordan Townsend are held up by four disguised assailants who were dressed as painters. The two unnamed security guards are shot and killed in cold blood. Jordan manages to pull the mask off of one of the men before he is shot. The four ride off in the armored truck.

Afterwards, Five-0 are called to investigate the scene of the crime. Kono ends up tracking the GPS coordinates from the bags of cash that were inside the armored truck and they track it to a pier. At the pier, Kono and Steve dive into the harbor to find that the armored truck is underwater; along with the money. They haul the truck out of the water and find out that the truck's blackbox had been ripped from the dashboard, with a broken SD card inside. They also find a painter's mask with a broken strap which leads Steve and Danny to go talk to Jordan.

Jordan is in critical condition from the incident and isn't able to talk to them. Instead, they find his troubled pregnant wife who Danny promises they will catch the guys responsible for shooting her husband.

Meanwhile, Kono back at Five-0 HQ pulls surveillance from the area of the incident and explains that there had been a dozen other people there who were also dressed as painters; just like the assailants. The facial recognition software returns a hit on one of the painters who was not holding a gun, Gordon Smith.