Detective Chin Ho Kelly
Chin bn

Portrayed By

Daniel Dae Kim

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Episode Count



Presumably late 20's or early 30's


Honolulu, Hawaii

}} Chin Ho Kelly was an officer for the Honolulu Police Department. He was disgraced from the force for had allegedly taken bribes for convicted felons. He was very close to Steve's father, John McGarrett even after Chin was shamed from ever being a police officer. Chin meets up again with John's son, Steve, who had just returned from an unsuccessful mission in South Korea. Later on during a case, Steve finds an Chinese immigrant who was smuggled in from China and became a prostitute. Steve sought Chin out for his help and expertise in the field. Steve asks Chin to again be a cop after his incident, and after much hesitation and reluctance, Chin agrees to join Steve's task force along side Danny Williams.

After coming across a lead on Steve's quest to find Victor Hesse, Chin finds a way to be able to get Sang Min to reveal the location of Victor. But, they need someone to be an "inside man". Chin has the perfect person in mind, his younger female cousin Kona Kalakaua, who is soon to graduate from the police academy in a week. She helps them get inside Sang Min's operation and blows the lid off of it. He and Kono help the Chinese refugees find their families again on Hawaii. Chin later becomes more confident about coming out of his police retirement. Chin, Steve, Danny, and Kono set up their new headquarters and equipment and decide upon a name.